Logistics and Supply Chain Professional Qualifications

With our Team of Qualified Commercial Professionals, we deliver Professional Qualifications in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Contract Management to support Learners in Continuing Professional Development(CPD) and progression in Lifelong Learning.

Logistics Qualifications

We are a Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport [CILT(UK)] Approved Centre, approved to deliver CILT Qualifications at Levels 2, 3, 5 and 6

Logistics Qualification Path The Context of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Operations CILT Level 3 CILT Level 5 CILT Level 6 Advanced Diploma

Humanitarian Logistics

Humanitarian Logistics is a specialised area of logistics operations with particular emphasis on organising the effective and efficient delivery and warehousing of relief supplies during natural disasters or complex emergencies to the affected area and communities.

The demand for fast and efficient Humanitarian Logistics support has created a requirement for logisticians with a range of skills and qualities, supported by professional qualifications and experience of current best practice.

Logistics Qualification Path The Context Of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Operations Preparedness and Responsiveness The Logistics Operations Operations Control and Performance Reporting

Supply Chain Training

Supply Chain Management has become critical to the performance of organisations and it is now accepted that organisations with appropriate skills in this area are able to excel and survive the business environment.

ABC Logistics Skills has vast experience in skills development in both commercial supply chain operations, so we can offer suitable packages for all levels of operations within the Supply Chain.

Logistics Qualification Path Supply Chain Context, Design and Planning Managing Supply Chain Operations Customer Service Performance Management and Improvement

Business Consultancy

Effective Logistics management provides major opportunities for cost saving and profit contribution, so our focus is on the strategic Logistics issues that impact the bottom line. We offer a range of specialist support services which will enable you to achieve value added Logistics performance with best in class process and competent Logistics staff.