Logistics Qualifications

We are a Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport [CILT(UK)]  Approved Centre, approved to deliver CILT Qualifications at Levels 2, 3, 5 and 6.

Logistics Qualification Path The Context of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Operations CILT Level 3 CILT Level 5 CILT Level 6 Advanced Diploma

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All our programmes are flexible and tailored to individual needs. Learning & Development programmes are knowledge-based and assessed by CILT examinations, with full support provided by our experienced and professionally qualified team of Tutors. Logistics professionals who already have the required level of Logistics experience and knowledge benefit from our Centre devised Assessment programmes – these are competence based, so they require NO EXAMS  and NO TIME AWAY FROM THE WORKPLACE. These programmes enable individuals to gain a professional qualification from CILT(UK).

Learning & Development Programmes
These programmes are designed for those Learners who are new to the Logistics profession and/or require enhanced knowledge to develop their logistics and transport career.
Programmes are available at various levels, from Introductory [Level 2] to Advanced [Level 6] ; we will assess your current level of knowledge and competence and recommend a programme tailored to your individual needs.

The Learner is provided with an allocated Tutor and supporting Learning Materials. The Tutor will work with you to ensue that you have required Knowledge to undertake the Institute Examinations on a pre-agreed dates.

This programme can also be delivered in-company for Groups of 4 or more using a series of Knowledge Workshops.

These programmes can also be delivered by Distance Learning electronically; this is  particularly suitable for those Learners who are working remotely and cannot have  workplace visits. The Learner is provided with an allocated Tutor (contactable by Email) and supporting E-Assessment & Learning Materials. The Tutor is always on hand, by telephone or Email, to provide on-going support, advice & direction for the duration of the programme.

The Distance Learning programmes are generally based on the completion of Assignments rather than Exams.

Workplace Competence Assessment  Programmes
We offer these programmes for the more experienced practitioners who wish to obtain Professional Qualifications to back up their existing Logistics work experience and knowledge. Key features of our programmes are:

The Initial Competence Assessment is a skills profile/gap analysis and APEL (Accreditation of Prior experience & learning) assessment which determines which Level of qualification you are suitable for and which choice of optional units best fits your skills profile.

Workplace Assessment means that your allocated Assessor assesses you undertaking your day to day work activities, thus reducing the amount of product evidence that you have to generate.

Professional Discussion is used in Level 5 and Level 6 programmes where the Learner has extensive Logistics management experience and is working at a strategic level in the organisation. The abcLS Assessor initially advises on any Prior Experience & Learning evidence arising from:

The balance of the qualification is completed on the basis of a planned and structured professional interview in the workplace. This interview is usually recorded on audio tape and submitted as the performance evidence.


Individual Learner support
Our Team of Tutors, Assessors and Verifiers are:

Using their extensive commercial, industrial and business experience our Team provides on-going support, advice & direction to Learners, which assists in personal development for the Learner and contributes to business improvements for the Employer.

Reading Lists: Recommended Textbooks

We will be adding our reading list shortly.


Logistics Qualifications FAQs

Q1. How much does a Logistics Qualification programme cost?

All our programmes are individually tailored to the needs of the Client and the Learner. Please contact ABC LOGISTICS SKILLS  (info@logisticsskills.com) for a fixed price quotation which will include the CILT(UK) Registration & Certification Fees and Affiliate Membership of the Institute for one year.

Q2. How do I pay for my Logistics Qualification programme with ABC LOGISTICS SKILLS ?

     ABC LOGISTICS SKILLS  will provide you with a fixed price quotation.

  • If your Employer is funding your programme, we require a Company Purchase Order – as soon as we receive the Purchase Order number, we can start your programme.
  • If you are paying for your programme personally, ABC LOGISTICS SKILLS  will provide you with Account details for on-line BACS payments or the postal address for payments by Personal Cheque.

Q3. What is the content of the L5 Professional Diploma E-Assessment & Learning programme ?

The L5 E-Assessment & Learning programme is designed to assist those candidates who are working remotely and cannot be visited by a workplace assessor. The candidate is provided with an allocated Tutor/Assessor (contactable by Email) and supporting E-Assessment & Learning Materials. Evidence is provided through the completion of Assignments, which are submitted electronically.

Q4. Can I achieve a European Accredited Qualification ?

European accreditation and certification of the Institute’s qualifications is available to Certificate, Professional Diploma and Advanced Diploma students. Certification is by the European Certification Board for Logistics (ECBL), which is part of the European Logistics Association (ELA) www.elalog.org

CILT(UK) is a member of ELA and CILT Members can apply to be assessed against the European standards by examination. If successful,  the folowing designatory letters apply:
EMLog - Certified European Logistician Master Level (equivalent to the CILT(UK)’s Advanced Diploma in Logistics)
ESLog - Certified European Logistician Senior Level (equivalent to the CILT(UK)’s Professional Diploma)
EJLog - Certified European Logistician Junior Level (equivalent to the CILT(UK)’s Certificate)

Charges for Examination & Certification apply – contact CILT for confirmation of applicable Fees.

Q5. How do I enrol for a Logistics Qualification programme?

Send enrolment enquiry to info@logisticsskills.com